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Trinity Associates of Northern Michigan
Partners in Quality Christian Mental Health Services
John Grebe, PsyD
Petoskey Behavioral Health
520 W. Mitchell St.
Suite 208
Petoskey, MI
Ph. 231.347.5034

Timothy Strauss, MA
Joy Valley Counseling
2810 Charlevoix Avenue, Suite 106
Petoskey, MI

Welcome to Trinity!

...to Trinity Associates!

You are now connected with a team of mental health professionals who have lived and served the Northern Michigan community  for over 50 combined years. Dr. John Grebe, PsyD (Petoskey Behavioral Health, P.C), Mr. Timothy Strauss, MA (Joy Valley Counseling and Consultation, P.C), are each known as caring and effective clinicians and consultants.

We share a  devotion to creating distinctly Christian, and clinically excellent responses to a wide range of life challenges. Whether you are seeking help for yourself,  your marriage, family, your church congregation, or your organization, Trinity Associates  is prepared to help you accomplish your goals.  While continuing on in our private practices, we have created Trinity as an umbrella organization to simplify your access to us.

Simply logging onto this website or making one toll free call puts you in touch with all three agencies and the wealth of caring expertise we offer together.

Our Faith in Practice

We at Trinity Associates share a common personal faith in Christ and a dedication to the integration of the Christian faith and spirituality with the best that psychology has to offer. We serve individuals of all faith orientations and never impose Christianity on our clients. Yet, we can draw from the rich resources and world view that our faith offers to design treatment and consulting responses. We respect the spiritual nature of people and the psychological complexity of their circumstances.  This integrated approach requires deep regard for each client and a sensitivity that only good training and extensive clinical experience can afford.

We hope you will explore our website now to learn more about us, our credentials and our services. We believe you'll discover why we have earned the trust of Northern Michigan as mental health therapists, trainers, and consultants.

Our Philosophy of Helping             


At Trinity, we strive to be truly Christian counselors, not just counselors who happen to be Christian. The distinction here is in our effort to bring the love and specific truths and wisdom of the Christian faith, and the power of the Holy Spirit to bear in how we think and practice in coming along side our cients. We believe that an incredible potential for healing exists within each person. we access it in our counseling by combining the liberating compassion of Christ with the best of psychology submitted to the ultimate authority and wisdom of the Scriptures. This  does not mean "Bible bashing" or proselytizing when counseling, training, or leading retreats. The first step in extending the love of Christ to clients is to show respect for their inherent dignity as people wonderfully created in God's image. The second step is to embrace the belief that each person is fully able to teach us what his or her greatest need is. This genuine connection starts the hurting person on the pathway of healing as we collaborate in building a treatment plan.