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Trinity Associates of Northern Michigan
Partners in Quality Christian Mental Health Services
John Grebe, PsyD
Petoskey Behavioral Health
520 W. Mitchell St.
Suite 208
Petoskey, MI
Ph. 231.347.5034

Timothy Strauss, MA
Joy Valley Counseling
2810 Charlevoix Avenue, Suite 106
Petoskey, MI

Dr. John Grebe

Dr. Grebe, Director of Petoskey Behavioral Health, graduated with a Doctor of Psychology degree from Central Michigan University. He also holds masters degrees from Central Michigan University and Wheaton College.

Dr. Grebe completed his predoctoral internship at Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services in Grand Rapids with primary emphasis on work with older adults.

Over the course of his career he has worked extensively with substance use disorders, mood disorders, family problems, and health related issues. He has also conducted consultation and trainings.
Shortly after completing doctoral studies in 1999 Dr. Grebe returned to northern Michigan,where he has continued his clinical practice, founding Petoskey Behavioral Health in 2004. PBH is a private practice based in Petoskey. Dr. Grebe works primarily with adults who present with distress related to a range of life situations that may involve depression or anxiety, distress over a health condition, or various family concerns. Additionally, he has provided trainings on a range of clinical issues, and has consulted with business and industry.

Dr. Grebe's training is in cognitive behavioral therapy, and he has been an active member of the Michigan Psychological Association, and the Society for Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy.

Photograph by Joni Hayes Photography